Overreacting to the effects of Radiation

Overreacting to the effects of Radiation
Probing the effects of the Chernobyl disaster that took place two decades ago, scientists have revealed that low degrees of radioactivity are not as harmful as it is thought to be.
This new research describes that there exists a certain level of toleration or limit of radioactive exposure and anything below the limit is considered safe. This might stir up a debate over nuclear issues that are already hot topics of discussion in several countries.

Mike Repacholi, of the World Health Organization radiation program, said: "People hear radiation, they think of the atomic bomb and they think of thousands of deaths. They think that the Chernobyl reactor accident was equivalent to the atomic bombing in Japan, which is absolutely untrue. We know that there were low doses of radiation received by a large number of people. We don't want to minimize the effects but we also know that the fear and anxiety about radiation caused a huge number of health complaints that have overloaded the healthcare system."

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