by Tanya Thomas on  January 24, 2011 at 9:22 AM Lifestyle News
 Our Decision-Making Skills Improve With - Gaming!
A new study from researchers at Queen's University Belfast has developed a prototype that could be used in computer games and turned into an e-learning or training tool for professionals in all walks of life - and for the general public too.

The team wished to find out if people can be trained to make better decisions by improving their ability to recognise and make allowances for their subjective opinions and biases, and to 'factor in' accurately their uncertainty over a decision's likely outcome.

The prototype game teaches people to take their uncertainty into account and learn from experience when faced with simple choices.

"Whether the choices facing us are simple or complex, a greater awareness of uncertainty and of our own biases can improve the quality of our decision-making. We believe there's real potential for people to acquire that awareness through computer games," said Dr David Newman.

Games like these could be used for both educational and entertainment purposes by public and private sector decision-makers and by private individuals in order to enhance their decision-making abilities.

"The game we've developed is a research tool that's enabling us to find out much more about the thought processes and psychological mechanisms involved in decision making," said Jyldyz Tabyldy kyzy, a key member of the project team.

The results are currently being assessed to establish the extent to which it has taught them to make better decisions.

Source: ANI

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