Oscar-Nominated HIV Documentary Screened in New Delhi

by Kathy Jones on Apr 8 2013 8:58 PM

 Oscar-Nominated HIV Documentary Screened in New Delhi
A documentary that tracked the history of AIDS epidemic in the US, and which had been nominated for Academy Awards, was screened in New Delhi on Saturday.
Directed by David France, "How to survive a plague" is a detailed narrative of HIV/AIDS activism in the US during 1980's and the activists who campaigned for more research and effective treatment for such patients.

"The documentary highlights the power of people, power of activism, and success of struggle against the AIDS," said Colleen Daniels, director TAG (Treatment Action Group), a US-based NGO advocating enhanced research into HIV and also against co-infections that effecting HIV patients like TB.

"Tuberculosis is equally as important to be fought against as it kills as as many people as AIDS every year across the globe," Daniels said.

She said the initiative is a tiny part of a large ongoing struggle against the deadly disease.

Speaking about the need to highlight the issues related to the diseases, Blessina Kumar, a TB/HIV activist, said there is a need to empower the patients. "Only in a state of empowerment can one demand. We need to empower both the patients, activists and all stakeholders."

Lauded worldwide for its gripping story and narrative, the movie celebrates activists who changed the landscape of activism against the deadly disease.

The documentary follows a group of AIDS activists and their struggle for response from the US government and medical establishment in developing effective HIV/AIDS medications.

The documentary was released in the US on Sept 21, 2012. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature in the 85th Academy Awards, that took place February 2013.