Organ Donation Month Celebrated at Franciscan St. Anthony Health Hospital in Indiana

by Vishnuprasad on Apr 22 2015 7:10 PM

Organ Donation Month Celebrated at Franciscan St. Anthony Health Hospital in Indiana
Franciscan St. Anthony Health Hospital, in Michigan City, Indiana, celebrated ‘National Donate Life Month’ on April 20.
The celebration also included speeches from family members of organ donors. ‘National Donate Life Month’ is observed annually in April by Donate Life America and its partnering organizations.

“My daughter Ashley Swart had an aneurism. She was beautiful and young, she was only 20. She passed away at this hospital and she was an organ donor. I’m glad she donated her organs and gave somebody else the gift of life. We know for sure she saved four people’s lives. We met them, it was hard but it brought me some joy to know, that my daughter made a choice that helped so many people even though she’s no longer with us,” said Kelly Swart.

The hospital authorities say that they celebrate organ donation month after Easter because of the collation between the resurrection of Christ and the redemptive qualities associated with organ and tissue donation.

“Organ and tissue donation is my passion and I’m happy we celebrate this month with a twist. It’s really nice because of the link between Christ being raised from the dead and the hope that organ and tissue donation gives to families, both giving and giving and receiving,” said Carol Shuster, chief nursing officer at the hospital.

The hospital also conducted donor registration drive on the occasion. Also, hospital visitors got opportunity to talk to organ donation recipients, learn more about the process of organ and tissue donation and how to get involved.


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