by Savitha C Muppala on  May 20, 2013 at 7:45 AM Lifestyle News
Order Your Favourite Cocktail to a Robot Bartender Via Smartphone
Scientists have developed a cocktail-making robot which can be controlled by smartphones.

Party attendees at the Google I/O Conference were invited to send a drink recipe via a smartphone app to a three-armed robot Makr Shakr.

They could then interact with attendees having similar taste to collaboratively design the perfect drink via social media.

MIT's Senseable City Lab wanted to see what happened when a lot people take control of an industrial manufacturing machine.

According to project leader Yaniv Turgeman, the idea is to demonstrate how digital technology has potential to take the power of factory robots away from big companies and into people's hands, CNN reported.

Turgeman said they got the idea in January and set about getting the arms - based on the classic factory production-line robot - programmed to slice a lemon, shake a cocktail shaker, pour liquids carefully and so on.

At the party, every time someone created a drink the recipe went up on a big screen behind the bar and the crowd could see it and add their own changes to the recipe.

Source: ANI

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