One in Seven Brit Kids Want to Be Like Paris Hilton

by Hannah Punitha on Sep 5 2008 7:38 PM

One in seven Brit kids want to be like Paris Hilton or Peaches Geldof when they grow up, a new survey has found.

According to the survey by the Alliance and Leicester bank, nearly 14 percent of the kids said that they wanted to be a 'celebrity'.

However, a majority of 16 to 21-year-olds polled wanted to be a singer or band musicians

The survey showed that almost a quarter of those polled said that they wanted to become singers or band musicians, followed by TV or other media job with 24 per cent at the second spot

Being a 'celebrity' landed at the third with 14 per cent.

Only 13 per cent wanted to be teachers, 12 per cent doctors, 11 per cent lawyers and just eight per cent nurses.

"These days many young people are strongly influenced by the power of celebrity," The Sun quoted Alliance and Leicester bank spokesman Andy Muddimer, as saying.

"Thirty years ago the term would be reserved for the likes of seasoned actors or singers.

"But today many people are simply famous for being famous," he added.

The Top Ten most popular careers are:

1. Musician, singer, band member;

2. TV/other media

3. Celebrity

4. Fashion designer

5. Teacher

6. Doctor

7. Lawyer

8. Armed Forces

9. Journalist

10. Sportsman/woman