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 One in Five Brit Teens Suffer Headaches at Least Once a Week
A new UK study has revealed that one in five young teenagers suffers headache at least once a week.

A team of researchers in Exeter, led by Dr David Kernick, questioned 1,000 12-15 year olds and found that 10 percent had more than two headaches a week. The study revealed that these children lead a poorer quality life than children with chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes or asthma.

According to the British Journal of General Practice, the researchers also discovered that headaches affected 20 percent of the students in their ability to function at home or at school on more than 12 days in a three-month period, reports the BBC.

Those who were most affected by headaches could not live a normal life for 17 days over three months.

Dr. Kernick said headache was the commonest pain in children but figures for it differed for teens and other children.

He noted that there was need for more research to know about the impact of headaches on children.

Researches say headaches can be much more problematic for children than for adults due to their inability to express the pain and that headaches deserve more attention and care than they presently get.

Dr. Kernick said: "The needs of many adult headache sufferers are unmet, and this study shows that in children the need is even more significant.

"Many children are suffering unnecessarily at home and at school.

"We need to do more to recognise and treat this problem, and the Royal College of GPs is working hard towards this."

Dr. Kernick also said the causes of headaches were difficult to understand and were linked to anxiety and depression.

Source: ANI

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