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 One in a Billion Baby Born to Lung Cancer Survivor
Victoria Taber was never into smoking, yet she was diagnosed with lung tumor in 2009.

A teacher by profession and married at that time, she obviously looked forward to starting a family.

With the cancer diagnosis at age 29, she needed to undergo 16 rounds of chemotherapy for lung tumor.

Victoria and her husband Luke really wanted kids. To help them realize their dream, Cohort educator of obstetrics and gynaecology at the Australian National University, Steve Robson along with a team of doctors did their best for the couple.

Doctors said that it is a one in a billion chance that after 16 rounds of chemotherapy any woman can get pregnant. But, just one month after the couple began trying for conception, Victoria was pregnant.

''I'm at present composing up Victoria's case for the medicinal expositive expression and she has all the earmarks of being one of two or potentially three in the entire planet who has effectively conceived an offspring with one lung, so we figure her case is one-in-a-billion circumstance,'' Dr Robson said.

''It's extraordinarily lucky to become pregnant and, secondly, with one lung, when you look at the literature, it's all ancient history. When the lungs were removed for tuberculosis we couldn't find any guidance in the medical literature on how to proceed for a patient with one lung,'' he said.

Victoria could not obviously go for natural birth as the strain of the process could prove fatal for both mother and child. She gave birth to son Archie after doctors performed the operation under general anesthetic.

The ecstatic mom is hopeful about eventually winning over cancer, even though the five-year survival rate after lung cancer is only 15 per cent. ''Every six months [except during pregnancy] I have a chest X-ray. I just had one and all clear. Its four years this December."

Source: Eurekalert

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