Office Parties: 80 Percent Women Experience Unwanted Sexual Advances

by Kathy Jones on Dec 27 2011 9:36 PM

 Office Parties: 80 Percent Women Experience Unwanted Sexual Advances
A new survey has found that a majority of women admit that men have made unwanted sexual advances towards them at a holiday gathering.
According to the survey of women in a study, more than 80 percent of them said that a co-worker had made unwanted sexual advances, while 86 percent of them reported being surprised by the actions of the co-worker.

More than 60 percent reported that a supervisor was the one making the advances.

More often than not, the co-workers involved were married, and the research showed the come-ons seemed to negatively impact the colleagues' relationship once they returned to the office.

Despite the reality that most advances were unwanted, nearly 80 percent of those who had been approached did not report the incident to a supervisor. More than half of the women opted instead to discuss the incident with the person involved.

Regardless of the amount of training and awareness made available within companies today, sexual harassment is still an ongoing issue within organizations across the board, according to CEO and founder MaryEllen Tribby.

"With a down economy, many working moms are desperate to keep their jobs and the money they need to support their families," LiveScience quoted Tribby as saying.

"Often, their fear of losing their job outweighs their desire to stand up for what is right."

While the advances are sometimes unavoidable, Tribby offers several tips to help women deal with being hit on by a co-worker.

Theses tips include avoiding drinking too much to be more aware of one's surroundings, not spending too much time talking to one person, or any male colleague, who has been drinking too much, singles should bring a friend or relative along to the get-together, and always remaining in a group setting and not going off alone with anyone.


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