Obese People With Kidney Disease Will Benefit By Losing Some Extra Pounds

by Tanya Thomas on Sep 21 2009 8:46 AM

 Obese People With Kidney Disease Will Benefit By Losing Some Extra Pounds
In a study led by Indian origin scientist from Cleveland Clinic, obese patients with kidney disease can preserve their kidney function by shedding some extra pounds.
Weight loss can improve a number of health problems, like it can improve control of diabetes, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and reduce the effects of heart disease.

During the study, Dr Sankar Navaneethan, and his colleagues analysed the studies that examined the effects of weight loss interventions in obese kidney disease patients.

It showed that weight loss attained through diet and exercise reduces proteinuria (excess excretion of protein in the urine-a hallmark of kidney damage) and may prevent additional decline in kidney function in obese patients with kidney disease.

Studies also showed that surgical interventions normalize the filtration rate of the kidneys in obese patients with high filtration rates (a risk factor for the development of kidney disease).

While the findings imply that weight reduction may prevent the progression of kidney disease in obese kidney disease patients, the authors noted that there were only a small number of studies available for analysis and additional high-quality long-term studies on this topic are needed.

The study appears in Clinical Journal of the American Society Nephrology.


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