by Vanessa Jones on  September 23, 2013 at 2:21 PM Health Insurance News
 Obama Takes Aid from Hollywood to Endorse and Revamp the Health Care Act
The Affordable Care Act has the Congress and the President battling to make it a success. The White House has had several meetings with artists and entertainers from Hollywood to figure out ways and means to get to get the most important age group of 18 to 35 year old youth to enroll for health insurance.

What the administration feels is that support from Hollywood will work against the conservative groups spending millions against the success of the health care law. In Fact on Saturday President Obama in his speech said that Republicans seemed ready even to push the country into recession rather than the health care law be a success.

"A faction on the far right of the Republican party who've convinced their leadership to threaten a government shutdown if they can't shut off the Affordable Care Act. Some are actually willing to plunge America into default if they can't defund the Affordable Care Act," Obama said. "Think about that. They'd actually plunge this country back into recession—all to deny the basic security of health care to millions of Americans."


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Daniel Politi, September 2013

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