Obama Says He Will Never Dye His Hair

by Kathy Jones on Jun 1 2014 8:33 PM

 Obama Says He Will Never Dye His Hair
US President Barack Obama has said that neither has he dyed his hair nor neither does he intend to. This revelation was made on ABC's 'Live with Kelly and Michael'.
Rumors have been swirling aout him having dyed his hair since the White House unveiled Obama's presidential portrait in 2008, ABC News reported.

First Lady Michelle rubbished the rumours in 2011, saying that if Barack had known that he would be president, he would have started dying his hair, about 10 years ago.

When asked if he had ever considered dying his hair, Barack said that he has not, asserting that he sees Michelle in the hair salon and finds that it's just too much work.

He added that it takes his barber just 20 minutes to cut his hair.