by Tanya Thomas on  July 29, 2010 at 10:21 AM Lifestyle News
 NYC's Most Expensive Drink At $30 Has 'Cat Poo
Believe it or not-New Yorkers spend as much as 30 dollars for a cup of "cat poo coffee".

Called "Kopi Luwak", the coffee is made from beans collected from the droppings of a small, cat-like mammal called a civet.

And it is being dubbed the most expensive coffee in Big Apple.

While some people are savouring every sip of the strange brew, at Coffee shops like Porto Rico in the West Village, the orders come about once a week, said owner Peter Longo, 58.

"At first I did not want to take it on. I thought it was kind of dirty because of where it comes from," the New York Daily News quoted Longo as saying.

The pricey coffee originated in Indonesia and the Philippines, where folks noticed the civets eating coffee berries, collected their droppings and picked out the beans.

Coffee consultant Michael Peter, 26, of Tamp Tamp Coffee Lab in New York, said the cats' stomach acids produce a smooth-tasting brew.

Westerners took note and began exporting the kitty-poo joe stateside in the last few years, said Peter.

Because of its unique processing, a pound can cost from 340 to 400 dollars.

Source: ANI

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