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 Numerologist Predicts Assassination Attempt on Obama By Next Year
A New Age guru says that success was written in Barack Obama's name, but he adds that the U.S. President-elect may face an assassination attempt next year.

Laurence Y. Payg says that he has used a 3,000-year-old Chinese technique to study Obama's destiny, by linking the letters in his name with a numbers grid.

"This adds up to 18 and indicates people naturally go to him with problems and difficulties," the Daily Star quoted him as saying of how he saw the new hero's first name 'Barack'.

"It makes him a very good counseller and if he wasn't president, he would make a great doctor or solicitor.

"He has a love of justice and fair play and will always stand up for people. But he needs space and time to himself to recharge his batteries, otherwise he will be left drained.

"He also has a very active imagination which he should harness through hobbies. If there's no outlet for his imagination it will make him depressed.

"One fault though is that he expects too much of the people around him," Payg says.

As regards the President-elect's middle name 'Hussain', Payg said: "This gives the number 32 and means he has an excellent memory. His staff should never try to lie to him because he will catch them out. He is also good at socialising - any party at the White House will be a real hit.

"His middle name also means he is an excellent communicator and able to sway people with his words. However he can be sarcastic and argumentative," he added.

And regarding the surname 'Obama', Payg said: "This equals 14 and shows he is bright, lively and intelligent. He's a great teacher but needs the right people around him to avoid mistakes. He is highly critical of himself and others.

"I am worried about the combinations of letters in his name. The B in Barack, H in Hussein and O in Obama suggest he will become ill after his next birthday and indicates it will be a problem in his chest.

"But the A, E, and B show it will be an attack - an assass-ination attempt. I also see that at 49 he make a recovery - he will bounce back," Payg added.

Source: ANI

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