Number of Infections from New Strain of Bird Flu Rises to 51

by Kathy Jones on Apr 15 2013 10:48 PM

 Number of Infections from New Strain of Bird Flu Rises to 51
Chinese health officials have confirmed two new cases of H7N9 bird flu infections in central China’s Henan Province, taking the total number of confirmed infections to 51.
The latest cases were confirmed following tests by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention early on Sunday.

A 34-year-old man surnamed Ma, a restaurant chef in Weishi county of Kaifeng city, displayed flu symptoms from April 6. He is in a critical condition and under ICU treatment in a local hospital.

The other case involves a 65-year-old farmer from Zhoukou who had frequent contacts with poultry in his residence. He is in a stable condition after receiving treatment.

Both cases were tested positive for the H7N9 bird flu virus on Thursday by the Henan provincial center of disease control and prevention.

The 19 people who have had closely contact with the two men have yet shown flu symptoms.

So far 51 cases of H7N9 bird flu infection have been reported in China, of which 11 people have died.