Now, Walk and Charge Your Mobile Phone!

by Dr. Enozia Vakil on Nov 3 2013 10:39 PM

 Now, Walk and Charge Your Mobile Phone!
Genno, a new power generating device can help charge electronic devices like phones and tablets by harnessing the power of human movement.
According to Mashable, the product turns human movement into power through a standard USB port for charging electronic devices, like smartphones, cameras and tablets.

Co-founder Blake Isaacs re-invented linear generators, which were earlier used in shaker flashlights, to produce enough energy for charging a mobile device.

The device comes with a pre-charging cable and with a standard USB connection on the other side.

The cable allows the user to plug in one end into Genneo and the other end into their mobile device.

The product comes in a sleek design that can be charged while walking, jumping or just putting it in one's pocket before going for a hike, the report added.

The G4000 model offers up to one hour in talk time for every five hours it charges, while the G3000 model gives the same amount of talk time, but after seven hours of charging.