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Now, ‘Sleaze Detectors’ To Check Whether Mates Are Creeps Or Gems
People in the dating scene will be able to use iPhones as 'sleaze detectors' to quickly check whether aspiring mates are creeps or gems, say reports.

Background-check powerhouse Intelius on Tuesday used a DEMO technology startup conference to introduce a DateCheck application that lets Apple's globally popular smart phones be used to expose information people are hiding.

"Records don't lie, but people do," Intelius product marketing manager Katherine Herman said during an on-stage demonstration.

"DateCheck is tougher on my dates than even my Dad was."

DateCheck users armed with names and telephone numbers can mine the gargantuan Intelius database to uncover whether people seeking romantic connections fail to mention unflattering facts such as criminal pasts or current spouses.

A Sleaze Detector feature in DateCheck finds and lists records of crimes including sexual assaults, drug arrests, and drunken driving, according to John Arnold, Intelius co-founder and executive vice president.

A Living Situation feature uses address information to figure out whether a person lives alone or resides with roommates, parents, or even a spouse.

"With the increase of people moving between cities, online dating, and with the different ways to meet potential dates you can never be sure if what you see is actually what you get," Arnold said.

"DateCheck transforms the dating scene by instantly empowering women and men with critical info at their finger tips."

If a potential paramour makes it past the Sleaze Detector, a New Worth feature can be used to find out how big their house is; the home's price and even how much real estate tax is paid.

A compatibility feature uses birth dates to determine what astrological signs indicate regarding how well suited a couple appears to be.

An Interest feature searches online social networks including Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, and LinkedIn to create a summary of information about a person and links to profile pages.

"If the guy passes the Sleaze Detector then I want to know the chances of us being compatible and whether the relationship is likely to sizzle or fizzle," Herman said.

"If the guy is still looking good, naturally I want to find out about his Net Worth. Does he own a mansion or a mobile home?"

DateCheck for iPhones is expected to be available in a day or so at Apple's online App Store.

A version of the program is to be rolled out in a few weeks for smart phones based on the Android operating system backed by Internet titan Google.

A DateCheck application tailored for Blackberry mobile telephones should be out by year's end, according to US-based Intelius.

The iPhone application and general background information, such as whether someone has a criminal record, are free.

Fees are charged for more detailed background information, with some details available for a few dollars and comprehensive reports costing 40 dollars (US) each.

"I could see myself giving this creep finder, or DateCheck, application to my friends," said Offerpal Media founder Anu Shukla, one of the judges that will be picking winners from among the more than 50 startups at DEMO.

"I just love it. The Networth Feature is a bit mercenary, but you could find out if he has a wife. "

Source: AFP

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