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Now Hourglass Toners to Give Women a Lift in All the Right Areas
A pair of tights that costs a mere 12 pounds promises to give women a lift in all the right areas. The tights, called the Hourglass Toners, have been developed by British makers, Aristoc.

The company claims that not only does the underwear reduce the wearer's waistline by two inches, but also that it gives an instant boost to bodies of all shapes and sizes.

And what makes this pair a great buy is the fact that it is comfortable enough to wear all day. The tights' secret lies in an inch-thick elastic band which sits under the bust to which ensures that it doesn't slip.

A large compression band sewn into the waist acts as a corset, while another control panel on the hips, thighs and rear lends firm control.

Fashion stylist Gok Wan, from TV's How To Look Good Naked, swears by the garment. "They are the perfect accessory for creating a beautiful silhouette and nobody needs know they are on," the Daily Mail quoted Wan, as saying.

"They really push everything into proportion. "Whether you are an apple, an hourglass, a pear or if you are top-heavy, there is something in the range to help you out."

And, it also has actresses like Billie Piper, TV presenter Holly Willoughby and Ugly Betty's Ashley Jensen who wear it.

Source: ANI

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