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Now Even Animals can Be Treated With Homeopathy Pills!
Next time your pet dog or cat is taken ill, you no longer need to fret over forcing bitter allopathic medicines down its throat - just administer some sweet homeopathy pills instead.

Doctors at Dr. Batra's, a leading chain of homeopathy clinics, are treating several animals through their sweet pills and liquids here for ailments like fever, diarrhoea or skin problems.

"We have been treating animals at the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre (SGACC) in Delhi through homeopathy. Dogs, cattle and horses are responding well to homeopathy," said Mukesh Batra, managing director of Dr. Batra's positive health clinics.

"Homeopathy may take a little more time to cure but the effect is better. Our success rate in the animal centre is over 90 percent," Batra told IANS.

Pragya Juneja, administrator of SGACC, said the centre had around 1,300 animals and birds like dogs, cats, horses, cattle, pigeons and peacocks ... and all of them were getting homeopathy treatment as and when required.

"Over one year, we have been giving them such (homeopathy) treatment and are quite happy with the results. The best thing is that it's easy for us to administer sweet medicines to our ailing animals," Juneja said.

A. Siddique, hospital assistant at SGACC, said homeopathy was effective in treating fever, vomiting and diarrhoea among dogs and monkeys.

"Common cold and blood in animals' stool can also be treated through such alternative mode of medicine," he noted.

Siddique said the centre treated over 30 animals a day, including injured stray animals brought by civic authorities.

Tushar Kapoor, a homeopathic doctor who visits SGACC, said different kinds of infections, skin problems and renal failure cases in animals were responding well to homeopathy.

"In case of kidney failure, heart problem and arthritis in animals, we are giving doses of homeopathy as a supplement to allopathic doses. Arthritis is a common problem in animals like pet dogs, monkeys and horses, and its encouraging to find that they are responding well to homeopathy," Kapoor added.

A doctor from Anand in Gujarat recently treated a lion in the Delhi zoo that had developed swollen legs and pus in them.

With the tiny, sweet, wonder pills showing good results, animal lovers can now not only hope for a healthier life for their pets but also face less problems while administering medicines.

Source: IANS

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