by Savitha C Muppala on  September 3, 2013 at 10:22 AM General Health News
 Not So Wow Buying ‘bow Wows’ Online
A recent research by The Kennel Club that spoke to nearly 2026 dog owners has found that nearly one out of five puppies bought online do not get past six months.

The Kennel Club also reported that these puppies come with a host of behavioral issues along with other health problems.

This is an alarming trend which has spawned the growth of puppy farmers, adopting unscrupulous means to sell puppies online. The increase in demand has led to dilution of standards in this trade.

Animal activists have said that people in this trade do it for profits and farms where these puppies are raised are often overcrowded. They are not given a healthy diet and since there are far too many puppies growing in unhealthy conditions, the place becomes a hotbed of many diseases.

Nearly 12 percent of owners who bought pups from online sellers said that they responded to advertisements on social media sites. They also admitted that most dogs bought online came with many health issues and needed constant visits to the veterinarian. Another 17 percent of owners said that their dog died within six months.

The club has warned people of these puppy farmers who easily advertise on Facebook and twitter. Dogs should be bought from breeders who are registered and it would be wise to scrutinize health certificates of dogs before the purchase.

Marc Abraham, a vet and founder of Pup Aid, said: "Sadly, if the 'buy it now' culture persists then this horrific situation will only get worse. There is nothing wrong with sourcing a puppy online but people need to make themselves aware of what they should then expect from the breeder and they should never buy directly from third parties such as the internet, pet shops, or from puppy dealers, where you cannot possibly know how or where the puppy was raised."

Source: Medindia

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