by Savitha C Muppala on  September 2, 2010 at 4:18 PM General Health News
 Not a Good Idea to Seek Cures for Diseases Online
It is not a good idea to resort to the Internet for diagnosis and treatment of diseases , even though we may find all the information we want on this medium,says a new UK survey.

One in five said they had worried themselves into believing they were in the early stages of a heart attack after Googling their symptoms.

Other incorrect results include mistaking a stomach upset for food poisoning and thinking lower backache was kidney disease. One-third of those with headaches believed they had a migraine, while 28 per cent of people with abdominal pain mistakenly self-diagnosed appendicitis.

"Forty six per cent of people are worried about getting a terminal illness, and many are convincing themselves that everyday symptoms are indicative of serious ill health. While the Internet can be a great information resource, it is always best to see a doctor when ill," The Scotsman quoted Tina Clare of Engage Mutual Assurance, which carried out the study, as saying.

"Not only can a medical professional put your mind at rest, they can also check out all the symptoms and tell you what the matter really is," she added.

Sixteen per cent of migraine sufferers have convinced themselves they had a brain tumour and 15 per cent of those who felt short of breath concluded they had lung disease.

"Take action to stay as healthy as you can with a nutritious diet and regular exercise. And bear in mind that research on the Internet is not a substitute for consulting a health professional," Clare added.

Source: ANI

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