Not a Good Idea to Lunch at Your Desk

by Savitha C Muppala on Nov 16 2013 8:47 PM

 Not a Good Idea to Lunch at Your Desk
The results of a recent poll suggest that employees who usually lunch at their desks end up eating much more food than those who have their lunch outside.
People who are habituated to eating at their desks end up consuming more calories and snacks than those who lunch outside.

Further, those who ate in front of their computers during lunch portrayed a tendency to consume more fattening foods, snack in-between and consume more coffee.

“More of us are office-bound and slaves to our computers. Unfortunately, that is very bad news for diets because we haven’t got the time to seek out healthier, less calorific foods. People are giving themselves these treats as rewards when they do something well at work or to break up the daily routine.”

It might be a smarter idea to venture out for a healthful take-away meal or carry some lunch from home. Plus engaging in a small stroll or a walk after lunch will be good rather than starting work right away.

The insight also found that employees who took a break during lunch were more productive than colleagues who preferred to work through lunch or eat at their desks.