by Julia Samuel on  April 25, 2016 at 8:10 PM Lifestyle News
Skin care products company Nivea Men has developed a smartphone app called "NOSE" that quickly senses body odor.

Men usually have no idea when they smell awful. Another problem is that our nose is so used to our own body odor that we cannot smell our own sweat.
NOSE App Alerts When You Smell Bad
NOSE App Alerts When You Smell Bad

NOSE, developed with the support of creative connectivity agency Happiness FCB, works in conjunction with special sensors on a custom phone cover, to determine if you smell okay, bad, or have a body odor emergency on your hands, the report said.

The beta-version of NOSE was just demonstrated in Belgium recently and it would be further tested throughout the year.

The app would then be launched during the next phase on Apple's iOS and Android platforms. A consumer version would be released later.

Source: IANS

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