by VR Sreeraman on  July 13, 2009 at 1:20 PM Environmental Health
 Noise Pollution Linked To Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure Risk
Too much exposure to noise can increase the risk heart attacks and high blood pressure problems, according to an official report.

British experts call the problem "serious", and say that it must be treated alongside smoking and drinking as a major health issue.

They warned that there was an increasing problem of noise from neighbours, loud music, airports and roads.

"In the UK, about 30pct of the population express dissatisfaction with the noise in their environment," the Mirror quoted the report as saying.

"There is increasing evidence that environmental noise is associated with raised blood pressure and with a small increase in risk of coronary heart disease," it added.

Meanwhile, Whitehall insiders fear that the new report might damage plans for a major expansion in airports.

According to the data in the report complied by Health Protection Agency and the University of Salford, 54pct people regarded road noise as a problem, compared to 48pct in 1991.

While 38pct regarded neighbour noise as a problem, compared with 28pct in 1991.

The report further says that 43pct people said aircraft noise was a problem, compared to 41pct in 1991.

Source: ANI

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