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 No Drink During Lunch Time - Chinese Air Force
The chinese Air force Officers and soldiers are banned from drinking during lunch time on a working day and if they do they may face punishment.

Under the provision that took effect on Monday, air force officers and soldiers may face punishment including demerit, demotion or the sack for drinking alcohol at lunch on working days.

The move is aimed to better govern the military according to the law and maintain a good image of the air force with strict measures, Xinhua quoted an air force source, as saying.

This was the first time for the air force to "formally order" its personnel to stay away from alcohol, the China News Service reported on Monday.

The provision also put harsh restrictions on the driving of vehicles. Officers would be demoted or dismissed, while soldiers were to face demerit if caught driving after drinking.

Their driving licenses would also be revoked, according to the provision.

In China, accidents are categorized into four areas. "Average accidents," or the least severe, refer to those that led to the death of less than three people, or serious injury of 10 people, or direct economic loss of less than 10 million yuan (about 1.46 million U.S. dollars).

Soldiers and officers would also face criminal charges if they caused serious accidents, it said, adding their senior leaders would face possible punishment including a warning or dismissal.

Digital breathanalyzers were being installed in sentries and posts at parking lots, aimed at stricter monitoring measures to check alcohol consumption, the military source said.

Source: ANI

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