NHS Budget Cuts Under Fire

by Kathy Jones on Jan 16 2012 11:10 PM

 NHS Budget Cuts Under Fire
England’s outgoing Communications Champion, Jean Gross has tabled her final report after two years in the post and slammed the government’s decision to cut NHS budgets and said that it was affecting the ability of parents to support their children regarding speech and language problems.
In the report, Mrs Gross said that more than 28 percent of parents admitted that they were struggling find support for their children compared to 18 percent two years ago. The report added that the number of school going children with communication problems increased by 58 percent during the last five years.

Mrs Gross urged the government to make amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill, currently going through parliament, in order to make sure that both the parents and physicians find it easier to provide support for children with communication problems.

She also criticized the bill in the current form and said that apart from the government, no one else believed that it will help physicians provide better support. “I have met no-one outside government who believes that commissioning by clinical commissioning groups led by GPs will change the fundamental problems. All say it will make it worse”, she said.


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