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Next Safety Announces Stunning Advance in Nicotine Delivery
Conclusive test results prove pulmonary device provides far higher efficacy than cigarettes. In a study of 30 test subjects, participants achieved much higher nicotine blood levels at faster rates than those possible from smoking cigarettes: without receiving any of the deadly carcinogens. Each subject received less nicotine than typically inhaled from smoking one cigarette: with greater psychoactive effects.

Cigarettes, which are more addictive than cocaine, will kill more than 600 million people over the next thirty years.

Next Safety's revolutionary new device, allows those addicted to tobacco a mechanism to receive nicotine with the high psycho active effects provided by smoking, without inhaling the sixty-nine known carcinogens contained in cigarettes and harming others with second-hand smoke.

In this study smokers achieved mean nicotine venous blood level increases of 28.4 nanograms per milliliter less than ten seconds after inhalation.

Nonsmokers do not have the same diffusion barrier caused by the inhalation and subsequent deposition of cigarette combustion byproducts in the lungs, which smokers have. Therefore, nonsmokers achieved nicotine blood levels of 158 nanograms per milliliter in less than ten seconds after inhalation (laboratory analysis performed by NMS Labs).

This breakthrough in pulmonary drug delivery is not limited to only nicotine. Any drug soluble in water can now be delivered with very high efficacy and efficiency utilizing Next Safety's proprietary pulmonary devices and methods. Treatments enabled by the technology include the efficient and high efficacy delivery of numerous drugs never before effectively delivered through pulmonary means. For example, in the announced nicotine results, more than 74 percent of the nicotine contained in the device entered the blood stream. Many drugs currently delivered only through IV or injection in important classes such as antibiotics, analgesics and anti medics along with certain vaccinations can now be delivered with very high precision, efficacy and efficiency.

Next Safety moved into a new 32,000 square ft facility on July 27th.

During the following eighteen months the company expects to occupy 850,000 square feet of additional office/manufacturing space and hire approximately 3,600 employees.

Next Safety's nicotine delivery device will be priced at less than US$100.00, with refills costing less than ten percent of the average pack of cigarettes in developed countries on a nicotine equivalent basis. The company will begin shipping devices to markets where current regulations allow in December. Next Safety will ship more than two million nicotine delivery devices per month during the first quarter of 2008.

The company will begin sampling devices to certain reporters in Boston on Wednesday, August 15th, on Thursday, August 15th and in New York on Monday, August 20th. In addition, the company will hold a moderated discussion at the Mandarin Oriental in New York on Tuesday, August 21st. Attendees will include: leading pulmonologists, reporters and public officials, as well as smokers and non-smokers.

Source: PRWIRE

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