Newly Created Computer Game Helps Improve Facial Muscle Tone

by VR Sreeraman on Nov 12 2007 7:04 PM

The computer games company Nintendo has created a new game for facial exercise called Face Training.

"Through a camera and a series of daily exercises the computer helps improve facial muscle tone, improving your appearance," the Daily Mail quoted the company as claiming.

Face Training is currently available in Japan, and is expected to be launched in UK markets before Christmas.

During the game, a slim female cartoon appears on the screen, and guides the player to follow each facial movement she makes—such as rolling her head from side to side in one direction and the other.

The cartoon character also instructs the user how to do exercises for eyes and mouth.

As the player goes to a higher level, the exercises become more challenging like touching cheekbones with tongue and swivelling eyeballs around with one eye closed.

The computer stores every movement the player makes, and put it into a computerised calendar so that the player may plot future workouts.

At the end of exercises, the cartoon congratulates the player in Japanese and disappears, reports the Daily Mail.