by Kathy Jones on  September 7, 2010 at 9:28 PM Alcohol & Drug Abuse News
 New Zealand Society in the Grip of P?
Nearly 15 percent of New Zealanders know someone who regularly uses methamphetamine, also known as P, which is a highly addictive drug.

Anti-P organization, Stellar Trust carried out a survey in order to ascertain the effects of the drug. More than 1000 people participated in the study with one in seven admitting that they know someone who is addicted to the drug.

Empowering Better Health

The study went on to add that more than 35 percent of high income New Zealanders who earn more than $50,000 have been offered to try the drug. Stellar Trust chairman Burton Shipley said that the country should continue to fight the rising popularity of the drug.

"When you consider that government launched a set of what we believed were strong initiatives just last October, we were very surprised at the depth of feeling around the issue of P use and availability", he added.

Source: Medindia

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