by VR Sreeraman on  August 4, 2012 at 8:20 PM Weight Loss
 New Weight Loss Treatment Removes Inches Off Waistlines Instantly
A spa chain offers a weight loss treatment using electric shocks which they claim to remove inches off waistlines instantly.

The 'detoxifying' treatment, labelled FatGirlShrink, aims to eliminate water weight by applying muscle-stimulation electrical currents to the body.

On offer at Bliss Spa's New York and Florida locations, the procedure is said to be pain-free and involves the application of thermal clay which serves as a conductor to the electricity.

The procedure starts by 'measuring problem parts', as described on the spa's website, before slathering on a sludgy solution that mixes a series of products, over the parts.

"Seaweed helps to detoxify and re-mineralise your skin while the clay conducts the current," the Daily Mail quoted a practitioner from the spa as telling 'Good Morning America'. clay mask is spread over the top of the solution before pad that emit a 'gentle muscle-stimulating current to encourage circulation'.

The process is said to eliminate excess water weight from the body.

The treatment treats a woman's abdomen muscles, thighs and rear.

For men, the current is focused on the abdomen.

The spa stressed that the procedure is not permanent and results vary from person to person.

It also recommends that people book in for a number of sessions, naturally, which are each priced at 180 dollars per 60-minute sessions.

Source: ANI

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