New Super Remedy for Gut Health Is 'Kombucha' A Fermented Drink Made from Tea

by Rukmani Krishna on Oct 30 2013 11:29 PM

 New Super Remedy for Gut Health Is
The next big thing in probiotics is Kombucha, an alcohol-free fermented beverage made from tea.
Eric and Jessica Childs, who brought it forward, said that it has amazing benefits for gastrointestinal health and also has energizing properties.

In an attempt to promote the healthy drink, they started Kombucha Brooklyn, claiming that the drink is the perfect beverage for New Yorkers, the New York Daily News reported.

The husband-wife team has already experienced the benefits of Kombucha, which is a combo of tea, sugar, yeast and bacteria, said that the drink will boost immunity, improve digestion and relieve skin problems.

Eric said that when someone drinks Kombucha, they reap benefits from multiple microorganisms plus health benefits and flavor from the ingredients.

Jessica, a microbiologist with a certificate from the National Gourmet Institute, said that Kombucha can also be used in cooking as it has a large flavor profile.