by Sheela Philomena on  October 21, 2013 at 11:14 AM Lifestyle News
 New Scent App That Releases Aroma for Alarms, Emails and Facebook 'Likes'
New scent cartridge invented by smartphone app developers will give off aromas when plugged to the mobile phone every time an alarm goes off, or an email is received or a Facebook 'like' pops up.

The Scentee app puffs out various aromas like beef ribs, salted tongue and buttered potato along with other scents which can be set in accordance with message alerts, emails, etc.

According to Fox News, the scent catalog includes 12 olfactory options, from strawberry, mint and jasmine, to more non-traditional fragrances like corn soup, cinnamon roll and curry.

Each cartridge costs a little over 5 dollars and includes enough scent for 100 sprays, while the ping pong ball-sized device costs around 35 dollars and plugs directly into a phone's stereo jack.

The report said that the device app is compatible with Apple iPads and iPhones as well as certain Android phones.

Source: ANI

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