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 New Language Spawned by SMS Abbreviations
Linguists say the growing trend of SMS language among teenagers has paved the way for a new type of language. Gt wht i mn?

Language experts are of the opinion that SMS has led to a creation of a new form of language and way of communication.

Macquarie Dictionary editor Susan Butler suggested that the SMS language has found its way into everyday English.

"A few terms have come across into standard English like LOL (laughing out loud) which is an abbreviation people will actually say," The Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

"Everyone uses their mobile phone so much that there is a slight spill-over of SMS terms into standard writing," she added.

In fact, 'LOL' has even been included in the latest edition of the Macquarie and also a list of the common abbreviations features at the back of the book.However, youngsters do not mind it, yet they believe that there is often confusion.

Emily Steele, 17, said: "Sometimes I find with my essays I will include some of the abbreviations like 'u' instead of 'you', especially if I am writing quickly."

Some parents are also joining in, student Jarryd Harding, 18, from Sylvania, said: "My mum tried to go through my phone and she couldn't understand a thing, but my mum has just started texting herself and she's picked up some of the abbreviations. She even sent me a smiley face."

Source: ANI

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