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New Greedier And Meaner Version Of Monopoly To Become Best-Seller
Reports say that a new greedier and meaner version of the popular board game Monopoly has been announced, and it is already being predicted to become a best-seller.

Monopoly City, touted as the more hardnosed version of Monopoly, was recently unveiled at a toy fair in Germany.

Instead of property deeds, players acquire permits to construct a choice of 80 3D buildings.

Stuart Grant, the buying director for UK-wide toyshop chain The Entertainer, is upbeat that the game will prove to be a hit.

"It is the classic game with a new twist in its tail. You can physically build a hotel or a school or whatever, but you can also construct things like sewage plants or prisons next to your competitors' properties, which will damage their value and mean you pay less rent when you land on it. Essentially, it means you can shaft your opponents, which will appeal to a lot of people," the Scotsman quoted him as saying.

A spokesman for Parker Brothers, the firm behind the game, said: "This brand new game lets you build in an instant and create the perfect city. Players can build wisely and rake in the rent, but they also need to watch out. A rival developer could build something unwanted right next to your prize property and make its values plummet."

The new game still uses traditional paper money, but an electronic screen also lets players know if the city is on the crest of an economic boom or in the depths of a recession like the current one.

Source: ANI

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