New Gel That Stops Bleeding in Wounds Invented

by Sheela Philomena on Mar 18 2013 5:38 PM

 New Gel That Stops Bleeding in Wounds Invented
A magic gel developed by scientists can stop heavy bleeding in wounds.
Joe Landolina from Ulster County said that his Veti-Gel almost instantly closes and begins healing even major wounds to internal organs and key arteries.

The 20-year-old told the New York Post that there's no way to quickly stop bleeding except to hold lots of gauze on a wound, so he thought if this gel is poured into a wound, it would solidify and stop the bleeding.

Landolina, who is simultaneously pursuing a bachelor's degree in biomolecular and chemical engineering and a master's in biomedical engineering, created the substance with another university grad, Isaac Miller.

The lifesaving goo is an artificial version of something called the extracellular matrix, which makes up the connective tissue that helps hold animal bodies together.

Landolina said that they used plant-derived versions of the polymers that make up our skin to make the gel.

The aspiring scientist says he tested the stuff on rats and was able to stop bleeding instantly after slicing the rodents' livers and carotid arteries.

The duo will also be testing the gel on larger living animals, like pigs and sheep, under the supervision of Dr. Herbert Dardik, a cardiovascular surgeon at Englewood (NJ) Hospital.