by Rajashri on  September 21, 2009 at 10:58 PM Drug News
 New Eye Drop for Glaucoma Appears Promising
In a major treatment relief for patients suffering from glaucoma, a new eye drop will be available in the market from Monday that promises to be more "patient friendly" than any of its predecessors.

Around half a million people suffer from the disease in UK alone of which more than a third patients fail to make use of eye drops which help in reducing fluid pressure in the eye. While the eye drops play an important role in helping the patients avoid vision loss later in their life, they come with a number of side effects such as burning, itching or tears.

However the new drug, which is being marketed under the brand name Saflutan, promises to do away with all the side effects. The drug, tafluprost, does not contain the detergents which cause the side effects that are a problem with other drugs on the market.

David Wright who is the chief executive of the International Glaucoma Association has welcomed the availability of the drug for patients who are allergic to the preservatives present in other eye drops saying, "'The introduction of Saflutan is a particularly welcome addition to the range of these most powerful medications because its preservative-free formulation will allow those patients who are allergic to preservatives to benefit from control of IOP offered by this class of medication that was hitherto unavailable.''

Source: Medindia

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