by Sheela Philomena on  January 14, 2011 at 11:54 AM General Health News
New Exercise Machine
Are u a kind of person who hates spending hours at the gym. Here's a new exercise machine that claims to give your body a full workout in just 20 minutes and burns up to 400 calories.

The Ripcore FX is a 12-foot long 'sports cord' which can be attached to any fixed pole, reports the Daily Mail.

To use it, you move the cord in different directions to work the muscles in your legs, arms, core and upper body to help maintain an upright, balanced posture.

It can be used by a single person or, by attaching more cords, up to 8 people at once.

Unlike a traditional gym session, involving cardio followed by weights, the Ripcore claims to do both, as it mimics the range of movements you do in group sports and in everyday life in a very intense workout.

The cord has a clip, which you can attach to your leg to do squats or lunges, but using all your muscles, so it also tones your stomach.

Or you can attach it to your arm to do arm curls that also work your back.

Working these extra muscles means burning three times more calories than traditional exercises, claim the manufacturers.

The idea is to twist and rotate the muscles but maintain an upright balanced posture to avoid back strain.

Created in the USA, it is currently being trialled in two Virgin Active gyms with plans to roll it out to branches nationwide from this month.

The cords can also be purchased to use at home or the office from 13 pounds.

Source: ANI

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