New Drug Could Prevent Liver Damage in Alcoholics

by Kathy Jones on Feb 18 2013 11:41 PM

 New Drug Could Prevent Liver Damage in Alcoholics
Liver damage is one of the most common problems associated with regular consumption of alcohol but a team of American researchers could have found a solution to the problem, a new study published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology reveals.
According to the study, researchers at University of California have developed a pill that lowers the blood alcohol concentration (BAC), thereby preventing excess damage to the liver.

The researchers conducted their study on a group of mice and found that those who were given two enzymes had lower BAC and lived a healthier life compared to the mice that were given just one enzyme.

Lead researcher Yunfeng Lu revealed that intoxication was reduced by 10 percent during the first hour of drinking and was further reduced by a third overnight. He added that the pill could help prevent organ damage caused by excessive drinking. “Excessive consumption and abuse of alcohol are associated with a range of organ injuries and social problems”, he said.