New Delhi: Daughter Kills Father After Being Fed Up of Abuse

by Kathy Jones on May 6 2014 7:52 PM

 New Delhi: Daughter Kills Father After Being Fed Up of Abuse
Fed up with years of sexual abuse, a 23-year old woman in New Delhi killed her father with the help of her two friends and made sure that he was dead by slicing open his chest and taking out a pacemaker.
The woman, identified as Kulvinder Kaur, revealed that her father, Daljeet Singh, started abusing her sexually ever since her mother died three years ago. She decided to take matters in her own hands and sought help from two of her friends, Prince Sandhu, 22, and Ashok Sharma, 30. The murder was carried out on April 30 when Kulvinder left the main door open so that her accomplices may enter the house and the trio overpowered Daljeet, a taxi driver by trade, battering him to death with a wooden cricket stump before using a broken glass piece to tear open his chest and removing the pacemaker.

The trio then bundled his body in a car and dumped it a forested area in Uttam Nagar. However the police stumbled upon the body the very next day and two days later, they identified the body after circulating his pictures around. When the police questioned Kulvinder, she told that her father had driven some tourists to Haridwar on April 30 but when the travel agency in question denied that he had been sent on the tour. After intense questioning, Kulvinder finally broke down and confessed to the crime, the police said.

“On the evening of April 30, Kaur left the main door of her house open so that Sandhu and Sharma could enter without being noticed. While her father slept, the men battered him to death with a wooden cricket stump and broke a window to make a pointed shard of glass to physically extract a pacemaker attached to his chest after ripping it open before shoving it inside a bed sheet, driving to a forested area in Uttam Nagar some kilometres away and dumping it there”, a police officer associated with the case said.