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 New Book Offers Tips to Protect Your Kids from Bullying
Whether your kid is starting his school life or finishing it, bullying is a reality that he will have to face. Now, a new book by Dr. Meline Kevorkian offers some tips to prevent the 'harassment'.

"One hundred percent of children are touched by bullying as a victim, perpetrator or bystander," says Dr. Meline Kevorkian, author of book, '101 Facts About Bullying: What Everyone Should Know'.

"In a recent study, 77 percent of students said they have been bullied and 14 percent of those who have been bullied said they have experienced severe reactions to the abuse," she says.

"Bullying is a reality that must be recognized and addressed. It is not simply a part of growing up," she adds.

The first "and most crucial" step to bullying prevention and promoting peace is to separate the myths and facts, she writes in the book, which breaks down what research says about bullying and its effects.

Some highlights are: children can be both bullies and victims.

"Although there is a tendency to categorize, we must realize that students may be a victim in a given circumstance and a bully in another," she writes.

"Sometimes when a bullied student is otherwise unable to stop the bullying, the victim may in turn exhibit those behaviors to others," she added.

Also, students who fight back are more likely to be victimized.

"We should not tell students to fight back against bullies. The cycle of bullying and victimization is reinforced when the victim responds aggressively. Mediation between the bully and victim is not possible; in a true case of bullying, putting them together to work out their problems would simply revictimize the victim," she says.

Bullying can be a prelude to more serious bad behavior.

"The evidence is clear that bullies, when allowed to continue, will escalate their behavior as they get older," she writes in her book.

Source: ANI

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