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 New All-in-one Guide That Provides Tips for Romance!
For all the aspiring Romeos struggling to attract their Juliets, help is at hand, courtesy an all-in-one guide that provides tips for romance, from the first act of chivalry right through to the wedding day.

The Debrett's Guide for the Modern Gentleman has everything from what to say and how to say it, when and how to make the first move.

When making your first move, remember the old-fashioned chivalry is still much appreciated by the fairer sex, reports Telegraph.

Holding the door and being prepared to pay for the meal are a given. Giving up your seat isn't necessary for those looking for love - unless you are trying to attract a pregnant or elderly lady.

Your conversation has to be a fine balance between talking and listening.

Avoid talking about the three principal passions killers: money, illness or death.

First date rules include drinks or lunch, that way having to avoid wasting an evening if you hate each other. Compliment her and come the end, if all's gone well, try to kiss her.

Take a bouquet of flowers with you, but remember, mixed bouquets can look cheap if not a decent size. Bulk up the flowers with greenery to make a nice present.

Never buy a cheap arrangement online or from a supermarket or garage, and avoid the "kiss of death" - a bunch of carnations or chrysanthemums.

For those dating with children, are warned that your little kids are vital. Never ignore your kids or choose solely adult activities to impress your date.

Blind dates should be avoided, but if you find one, stick around for at least two drinks. An early departure is "humiliating and ungentlemanly".

For those dating online, don't fall into the temptation of trying to be funny with your profile picture. Use a flattering one, but make sure it is realistic. Chat up lines are no substitute for eye contact and good humour.

When planning to pop up the question timing, location and confidence are all things you should prepare. Get down on one knee, she'll love it.

And when it comes to choosing a diamond ring, remember the four Cs - carat, clarity, colour and cut.

If disaster strikes remember to keep your dignity and never grovel, lose your temper or try to change her mind.

Source: ANI

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