by Tanya Thomas on  January 28, 2011 at 9:28 AM Lifestyle News
 New-Age Aussie Converting Leisure Hours into  'Tech-Savvy Workaholic' Time
The lifestyle of people Down Under seems to be changing, with more people ditching backyards for balconies.

According to a new report, the iconic pastime of watching sport is under threat from the Internet, the era of the quarter-acre block is dead, and more Australians are trading leisure time for hours in the office, reports

The findings looked at population trends, migration, working hours, employment and leisure activities - taking a stab at where we could be in around a decade.

Property price hikes coupled with increasing population density in the major cities have brought the end of the suburban home among the gum trees, with its clothesline out the back and veranda out the front.

Fewer Aussies own their homes outright, and more people are ditching backyards for balconies, with apartment sales on the rise.

More people will elect to rent as they are priced out of the property market.

Forecasts for low unemployment and a longer working hours are expected to cut into Australians' free time by 2020.

The findings have been released by business information analysts IbisWorld

Source: ANI

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