New Ad Campaign Focuses on Organ Donors

by Julia Samuel on Feb 18 2015 12:22 PM

New Ad Campaign Focuses on Organ Donors
‘The greatest person ever known’ would be an organ donor, quotes an ad campaign which hopes to get more people to elect to be organ donors.
"We really wanted to speak to those people; that is probably 80 percent or more of the population who really are positively inclined toward joining the organ donor registry and say to them, 'You have the power to make life begin again,' but only if you take action now," said Todd Butler, Ad Council of Rochester President and CEO.

Carol Johnson was able to cope up after her 17-year-old son Kenneth died from meningitis. His kidneys and liver helped three people on the transplant list. "They didn't have to go through the hurt that I was going through. They got three months, a year, ten years, however long it was to spend with their families. That made me happy that was Kenneth’s final legacy," said Johnson.

Kelly, 12-year-old daughter of Karen Kline's, developed heart failure in her sleep. It wasn't until the moment that her body stopped responding to the treatment that she and her husband had considered organ donation.

"My husband and I had never talked about it because you never think about your child dying before you," said Kline. After much discussion with her husband and children they decided Kelly would be an organ donor. "Kelly ended up helping three adults in New York State," said Kline.

According the Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network, 17,000 Americans have been on the waiting list for five or more years. There are 11,000 New Yorkers waiting for an organ.


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