Nestle Set to Reduce Salt Levels in Some Products to Meet WHO Targets

by Kathy Jones on Nov 5 2013 11:25 PM

 Nestle Set to Reduce Salt Levels in Some Products to Meet WHO Targets
Swiss food and beverage company Nestle will be reducing salt levels in their food products, including Maggi-branded instant soups and Buitoni pasta, in an attempt to satisfy goals set by the World Health Organization.
In a statement published on their website, Nestle revealed that it will be reducing salt levels by at least 10 percent in many of their products, including ready meals, noodles and recipe mixes, over the next three years.

The announcement comes after the WHO set a target of limiting salt levels in food products to less than 5gms by 2025. Nestle said that it has been working towards reducing salt content in their food products since 2005 and has cut down salt content in Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese meal in the US by 15 percent.

“We have made great strides in reducing the salt content of our food products in recent years and we want to build on that progress. Our goal is to offer consumers products that enable them to make practical, healthy nutritional choices”, Nestle’s manager of nutrition, health and wellness, Henri-Pierre Lenoble said.


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