by Rajashri on  September 19, 2009 at 10:59 PM Lifestyle News
 Naturally Slim is the Way Forward, Claim Welsh Designers
Hitting back at claims that the fashion industry was encouraging girls to stay thin, designers in Wales have claimed that they now favor the naturally slim look as opposed to the heroin thin look of the 1990s.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists had raised concerns yesterday that the fashion industry was inadvertently triggering eating disorders in girls. Professor Ulrike Schmidt, chairman of the college's eating disorders section said that the new plans under consideration by the government should look at the number of websites promoting bulimia.

"Research shows that, even for healthy young women, viewing such websites induces low mood, low self-esteem and increased body dissatisfaction," he added. "The broader context in which these sites thrive is one where young women are constantly bombarded with toxic images of supposed female perfection that are impossible to achieve. These make women feel bad about themselves and significantly increase their risk of eating disorders."

However Carmarthen designer Jayne Pierson, says the trends have changed. "Generally speaking I think people would chose average-sized models as they better represent the population," he told Western Mail. "People on shows and fashion editors cast smaller models, but I think people are more aware and chose models who are healthy eaters and naturally slim."

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