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Natural Skin Care Tips to Protect Your Baby's Skin This Summer
Summer is here, and it can wreak havoc on your baby's soft and sensitive skin. However, keeping your little one comfortable during summer is key to enjoying the hot season. So, make sure to follow natural summer skin care tips to keep your little munchkin fresh and cool in this scorching summer heat.

Being a parent, you might always be anxious and concerned about your little one, and being a new parent comes with a different set of worries, especially during seasonal changes.

You are often worried about the skin changes that your baby might face, and more so during summer. The increase in temperature can lead to skin concerns like heat rashes, diaper rashes, itchy and irritated skin, further resulting in discomfort.

Thus, it becomes important to take care of your baby's skin during summer. Refreshing the skin with products containing natural ingredients helps keep the skin well-hydrated and minimize the effect of heat rashes, prickly heat, and associated skin concerns.

"A baby's skin is different from that of adults. Their skin, which is delicate and developing, is highly susceptible to rashes and sunburn, which leads to discomfort. Hence, ensure to retain the skin's moisture during summer which will help keep the skin hydrated," says Dr. Subhashini N.S., Ayurveda Expert, The Himalaya Drug Company.

Here are some simple tips that mothers can keep in mind to take care of baby's skin during summer:
  • Natural Ingredients for the Skin: Whether it is a wash, soap, lotion, prickly heat powder, or diaper rash cream, ensure you use products enriched with ingredients that help keep the skin cool and refreshed. Ingredients like calamine, neem, vetiver, watermelon, lemon oil, yashada bhasma, aloe vera, and almond Oil, help soothe the skin from the soaring temperature and reduce discomfort.
  • Bath Helps Cool Sensitive Skin: During bath time, it is advisable to use a wash or soap infused with watermelon, neem, and lemon oil. The ingredients work together to keep the skin refreshed. Watermelon and lemon help cool the skin and neem help manage rashes and itching.
  • Powder to Manage Prickly Heat: Prickly heat is a common skin concern during summer, which is the appearance of tiny, itchy bumps on the skin. Apart from dressing baby in comfortable clothing, using a prickly heat powder after a bath and before bedtime can help heal rashes and provide relief from prickly heat. A prickly heat powder infused with neem and vetiver helps to refresh the skin by managing excessive sweating and itching.
  • Regulate Body Temperature: Incorporating fluids like fruit juices in baby's diet helps regulate the body temperature and cools baby. Opt for seasonal fruits and leafy vegetables which help prevent dehydration.
In case any skin problem persists, ensure you consult a doctor.

Source: IANS

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