by Savitha C Muppala on  April 27, 2013 at 11:42 PM Lifestyle News
National Survey Reveals Sexiest Jobs
Those who work in the area of sports, fitness and recreation are considered to hold sexy jobs, a survey has revealed.

That's the verdict of a new national survey, commissioned by 'infidelity site', which asked 1,000 Australians from the population at large to name the professions that get them drooling.

It turns out that girls really do love a man in uniform. Soldiers topped the list of hunky heartthrobs, and emergency service personnel weren't far behind, the Herald Sun reported.

"Wars aren't sexy but fighters are and that's why Aussie women dig Diggers," VictoriaMilan founder Sigurd Vedal said.

There are some surprising results as well. For instance, "unemployment" was voted a sexier profession than sales, science, HR, IT and a bunch of other perfectly respectable careers.

The site used the results to put together a list of the five sexiest professions for both men and women, along with the five least alluring jobs.

5 sexiest professions for men are:


Emergency Service Personnel

Tradesmen/Construction Workers



5 sexiest professions for women are:


Medical Workers




5 least alluring jobs are:



Community Services

Call Centres and Customer Service

Consulting and Strategy

Source: ANI

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