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Naomi Craves to Have More Babies Before It is too Late
Actress Naomi Watts is afraid that with her 40s fast approaching, the time is running out for her to have more kids.

The Aussie, who gave birth to her first son Alexander Pete in July, wants have more kids before she is too old.

"For so long, I thought, 'I can't have a baby now. I've got this to do, that to do. I've got to achieve that and this.' The truth is, this just happened so quickly, and you can still do it," Sun quoted Watts, as saying.

"Honestly, have a baby. It's the best. I left it too late. I'd love to have one more. I'd love to have two more. Or three," she added.

The King Kong star, who is working on a thriller Eastern Promises where she plays a midwife craving for a baby of her own, revealed that her latest role while pregnant made her anxious about childbirth.

"When I watched the Caesarean-section, they didn't know who I was. It was quite scary," Watts said.

"I went in there and put my scrubs on and they started asking me to do things, like adjust lights and move garbage, and I was acting incredibly timid.

"And believe me, seeing childbirth up that close, made me not want to go through with it," she added.

Source: ANI

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