Mystery of Asthma Cure Teen Solved by Indian Doctors

by Kathy Jones on Jul 7 2014 10:09 PM

 Mystery of Asthma Cure Teen Solved by Indian Doctors
Doctors at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital have finally solved the tricky case of 16-year old Shobha who was struggling to eat or breathe despite being prescribed asthma medication.
Doctors led by Deepak Rosha have detected a small hole connecting Shobha’s windpipe with her food pipe which was the cause of her problems. Shobha comes from a family that is below the poverty line (BPL) and her father Chattu Prasad could not afford to take her to private hospitals.

The doctors to whom he did take his daughter to diagnosed the problem as asthma. However even though she was on asthma treatment, her condition worsened, forcing her parents to finally take her to the Indraprastha Apollo Hospital where she was successfully operated upon.

“While investigating the case, I realized there was excessive damage in the left lung of the girl, which is not usual in asthma cases. We decided to carry out bronchoscopy on the patient, which revealed that there was a small hole connecting the windpipe with the food pipe. This opened intermittently to let in acidic fluid from the stomach inside the lungs. It was certainly the first case of its kind in my 35-year career. I think most physicians who treated the girl overlooked the excessive destruction of the lungs, which resulted in the hole going unnoticed”, Dr Rosha said.


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