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Mysterious Bridgend Suicides Figure in Sickening Video Posted on YouTube

by Gopalan on November 3, 2008 at 4:00 PM
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Mysterious Bridgend Suicides Figure in Sickening Video Posted on YouTube

Mysterious Bridgend suicides of Wales feature prominently in a sickening video posted on YouTube, raising revulsion all over. YouTube itself is to pull out the video, newspapers report.

The video on YouTube has been posted by someone calling themselves drphilip54.


Photos of many recent suicide victims from Bridgend are shown to an offensive and dirge-like soundtrack, allegedly attributed to US-Based Country and Western artist Acie Cargill.

The grainy 2min 49sec video titled 'Internet Induced Suicides/Bridgend' also includes many other pictures completely unrelated to the deaths in Bridgend.

They include a photo of murdered Cardiff sex worker Lynette White, and Hollywood star Winona Ryder in the 1989 black comedy Heathers.

One distraught viewer has even e-mailed the site, saying that her brother's photograph had been used without permission - and that he is not dead.

And perhaps most disturbingly, the film - which has already been viewed 824 times - also features what appears to be a picture of a young woman's body hanging from a tree, followed by a ghoulish painting of the Pied Piper of Hamlyn.

Attempts by Wales on Sunday to contact musician Cargill were in vain.

The newspaper also tried, without success, to contact drphilip54, who has posted a number of other disturbing videos too.

These include one titled 'Suicide By Hanging/The Best One of Us All/Acie Cargill' - which features what appear to be images of the bodies of suicide victims - which has been viewed nearly 2,000 times.

Wales on Sunday has informed YouTube about the video which, in turn, promised to remove it.

Norman Claypole, stepfather of David Dilling who died aged 19 last February, was shocked when told of the sick video.

"What are they doing this for?" said he wondered. This sort of thing is only going to upset people even more who are already grieving in the first place.

"We have suffered so much already. For this to come up now, it's enough to destroy us. I hope you get it taken off the internet.

"People should be given more of a say as to what sort of things are allowed on these websites."

Carwyn Jones, the Assembly Member for Bridgend, roundly condemned the video.

"It's in incredibly poor taste," he said. "And it is completely inaccurate. It is written by somebody who is making a statement about a situation which they clearly know nothing about. I do not see what the person who posted this is trying to achieve."

Labour AM Mr Jones, Counsel General for the Assembly Government, called for tighter regulation of video sharing websites, including YouTube on which the video was posted on August 2.

"YouTube certainly need to take a look at themselves from a legal point of view in relation to videos like this," he said.

"The families of the victims are not going to be impressed, just as they were not impressed by the antics of some of the London-based newspapers. This video is hardly going to comfort them. And it doesn't send a very positive message to the young people of Bridgend."

Anti-suicide charity Papyrus also condemned the videos.

A spokeswoman said: "This poses a real danger to vulnerable young people.

"We are actively campaigning for greater safeguards on the internet, and much tighter regulation of sites like YouTube."

While suicide rates among men in Wales itself are currently the highest in the UK, the Bridgend town has been racked by a rash of suicides by the young.

The town has been devastated by wholesale closure of coal mines and it reports mass unemployment. Suicides are perhaps predictable in such a backdrop. And when suicides, especially of the youth, are talked about on the internet, more tend to follow, it seems.

Official figures show there were three young suicides in 2005 and three in 2006.

But in 2007 there were 11 and there have been 12 so far this year.

A Telegraph reporter wrote in August: As one girl I spoke to outside Bridgend College told me yesterday: "Suicide is just what people do here because there is nothing else to do."

Bridgend has the highest rate for young male suicide in Britain - and by anecdotal evidence gathered on the streets of the town. Almost everybody I spoke to knew of someone who had attempted suicide.

An anti-suicide task force involving health and education officials has been set up in a bid to tackle the "cluster" of young deaths."

Source: Medindia

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